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Hollow rivet is a type of fastener that has a hollow center and is designed to be inserted into a pre-drilled hole. Once inserted, the rivet is then expanded to securely hold two or more objects together.

DIN7340 is a standard for hollow rivets that are commonly used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These rivets are often used in the manufacture of electrical equipment, automotive components, and other machinery.

DIN7340 specifies the dimensions, materials, and tolerances for hollow rivets. The standard covers rivets made from a range of materials, including steel, copper, brass, and aluminum.

Overall, DIN7340 hollow rivets are a versatile and reliable fastener solution that is widely used in many different industries.

What is Din7340 Hollow Rivet used for?

DIN7340 hollow rivets are used as fasteners in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. These rivets are particularly useful for joining two or more thin materials or components together, where welding or screwing may not be suitable.

Some common applications of DIN7340 hollow rivets include:

  1. Electrical equipment: Hollow rivets are commonly used in the manufacture of electrical equipment, such as transformers, motors, and generators. They can be used to join together thin sheets of metal or to attach components to a metal chassis.

  2. Automotive industry: Hollow rivets are used in the production of automotive components, such as brake linings, transmission gears, and engine parts.

  3. Machinery manufacturing: DIN7340 hollow rivets are also used in the manufacture of machinery, such as agricultural equipment, pumps, and compressors.

  4. Furniture manufacturing: Hollow rivets can be used to join together different components in the manufacturing of furniture, such as metal frames, legs, and joints.

Dimension Chart for DIN7340 Hollow Rivet

Nominal diameter
Head diameter
Head thickness
Hole diameter
1.5 mm5.0 mm3.0 mm0.6 mm1.6 mm
2.0 mm6.0 mm3.5 mm0.7 mm2.1 mm
2.5 mm7.0 mm4.0 mm0.8 mm2.6 mm
3.0 mm8.0 mm4.5 mm0.9 mm3.1 mm
3.5 mm9.0 mm5.0 mm1.0 mm3.6 mm
4.0 mm10.0 mm5.5 mm1.1 mm4.1 mm
4.5 mm11.0 mm6.0 mm1.2 mm4.6 mm
5.0 mm12.0 mm6.5 mm1.3 mm5.1 mm
6.0 mm14.0 mm8.0 mm1.6 mm6.1 mm
8.0 mm18.0 mm10.0 mm2.0 mm8.1 mm

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