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Fastener Double End threaded bolts, also known as double-end studs, are bolts with threaded ends on both sides. These bolts are used in a wide range of applications where a secure and permanent threaded joint is required. Here are some common applications of double-end threaded bolts:

  1. Construction: Double-end threaded bolts are often used in construction applications to attach two structural members together. They can be used to fasten beams, columns, and other elements of a building’s structure.

  2. Automotive: Double-end threaded bolts are used in automotive applications to secure engine components, suspension parts, and other critical components. They are commonly used in the assembly of engines, transmissions, and other mechanical systems.

  3. Machinery: Double-end threaded bolts are also used in machinery applications to fasten components together. They are commonly used in the assembly of heavy machinery, such as turbines, generators, and compressors.

  4. Electrical: Double-end threaded bolts can be used in electrical applications to fasten electrical components, such as transformers and switchgear, to a mounting surface.

  5. Plumbing: Double-end threaded bolts can be used in plumbing applications to secure pipes and fittings together.

What Can We Offer

  • Forming: Hot&cold forg
  • Metric Size:M4 to M160 or Imperial size accordlingly
  • Threads:UNC,UNF,ISO,BSW&ACME and etc
  • Standards:ISO 4017,DIN 933 – 1987,DIN EN ISO 4017,ANSI/ASME B,EN24017,UNI 5739,NF E 25-114 and etc

What is Double End Threaded Bolt used for?

A double end threaded bolt, also known as a double-end stud, is a type of fastener that has threads on both ends and an unthreaded shank in the middle. This type of bolt is commonly used in applications where two nuts need to be tightened down to secure a component in place.

Double end threaded bolts are typically used in construction, automotive, and industrial applications where components need to be joined together. For example, they may be used to secure an engine block to a transmission, or to connect structural steel members in a building. They can also be used to attach machinery to a mounting surface or to join together two separate components.

One advantage of using a double end threaded bolt is that it can be tightened from both ends, which helps to ensure a secure connection. Another advantage is that it eliminates the need for two separate bolts, which can save time and reduce the number of components needed for a particular application.

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